Chainsmokers return with a lackluster album

The Chainsmokers latest album does not live up to its anticipation.

Photo via Wikimedia

The Chainsmoker’s latest album does not live up to its anticipation.

Tumi Ojo, Multimedia Editor

After a four-year hiatus, electronic duo The Chainsmokers are back with their latest album, So Far So Good. Considering the level of anticipation as well as how long it took to put together, the album is a letdown.

The lyrics of most songs are cliched and nonsensical enough to make listeners shrink into their seats. An example is in “Maradona,” which has the lyric, “I want to go to Italy to find my Maradona energy.” 

Electronic music was popular in 2018, so they are a little late to the latest trends in pop culture. Meanwhile, the world has strayed away from electronic music in their time away from the industry.

The auto tuned voices overpower the other melodies and later become annoying. “Cyanide,” in which autotune makes up most of the song, is just one example. 

Nonetheless, the beats and melodic factors of some of the songs are not entirely terrible, as can be heard on “Channel One.” It has a solemn but upbeat tone. 

Overall, So Far So Good is not “So Good.” It fails to live up to the band’s prior releases.