Latest Doctor Strange movie dives into the Marvel multiverse


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New Marvel movie captures Doctor Strange’s travels through the multiverse

Ava Rickman, Staff Writer

Marvel’s latest movie, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” captures Doctor Strange’s travels through the multiverse with the help of America Chavez to stop the Scarlet Witch from taking over the multiverse. With the amazing acting and trippy effects, this movie is a great watch for Marvel fans and for action lovers.

The movie starts just after “Spiderman: No Way Home,” where Steven is at his ex’s wedding. After the wedding ceremony, there is an extraterrestrial alien squid that attacks the city. While Strange is taking down the alien, he notices it is only going after one specific girl. With his friend Wong, he manages to take down the alien and then learns about the girl, who is named America.

The introduction of a new character who has such an amazing power that she can’t control gives an opening to possibly a new movie with her. She’s funny, caramastic and all in all a great character, offering a breath of fresh air for the Marvel world.

Meanwhile, Wanda lives by herself following the incidents of WandaVision. Strange comes to ask for help with America’s power, but instead she goes after America. This shows the side of Wanda that the audience hasn’t seen in a long time, as she goes back to her Scarlet Witch persona. This gives Wanda a purpose again – to use America’s power to see her kids from WestView.

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe next to Dr. Strange. At some points the audience really wants her to have America’s power to see how much power she would have. Elizabeth Olsen channels “evil Wanda” perfectly and makes the audience want her to stay evil.

Seeing Strange even use “the dark hold” or black magic is very interesting as well. Previously, the only person who could use this is Scarlet Witch, but Strange actually uses this black magic for good, which sticks to his character even with this mass power. Usually the main character sticks to being good with a huge amount of power, but seeing Strange work this power against its creator, Wanda, is outstanding.

Though this is a great action movie, the Marvel team keeps trying to rekindle the romance of Strange and his ex-wife, Christine, through different multiverses. He promises her to love her “no matter the universe,” which is sweet but not fitting for a Marvel movie.

This movie needs to be seen by all Marvel fans and any fan of action or fantasy. The Marvel universe team always ties their movies and shows together, and they do another great job at this.