`BookTok’ leads to an increased interest in reading


Leila Usanovic

Popular ‘Booktok’ creator, Isabelle Gerli, shares recommendations with her followers similar to many other creators.

Leila Usanovic, News Editor

In most media, books have been portrayed as something only nerds or unpopular people enjoy, but with a surge coming from social media, many are now finding a new enjoyment in reading.

Some may claim that social media has replaced books for entertainment. People mindlessly scroll instead of reading the latest novels. But the argument can be made that social media is actually helping people reinvigorate their love for literature.

Many creators on the platform share their recommendations, create videos joking about books, and review books. It has created a space for people to share their thoughts on their reads.

This space encourages people to read others’ recommendations so they can understand the media that is posted. The large numbers of people participating in “BookTok,” a hashtag with over 51.6 billion views, show that people are still interested in reading. 

The most common reason people stop reading or say they don’t like to do it is because they are forced to read books that they are not interested in. With BookTok, creators share brief summaries in entertaining ways that catch people’s attention. It is a good resource to find novels that may suit your interests. 

Besides TikTok, many other social media platforms also have book- and reading-themed aspects. For example, Instagram has what people dubbed “Bookstagram.” Similar to TikTok, users share aesthetically pleasing photos, their recommendations, and reviews. The pleasant visuals can inspire people to read these books.

One of the key parts of these book-centered platforms is the aesthetic: Many people like the look of being a reader. Though some may view this in a negative light, people are still enriching themselves with novels nonetheless. 

Overall, social media has created a safe space for those who enjoy all types of literature. So if you’re looking for a new book to immerse yourself with, use TikTok or Instagram to find your next read and share your thoughts.