German classes are back on for next year


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Just as it began to look like the high school German program would be phased out, a new German teacher has been hired and will teach in person classes next year.

Maddison Houser and Leila Usanovic

Baldwin German classes are officially back and will be offered again next year. 

This year, because there was no German teacher available, students had to take German through an online program. As scheduling for next year approached, it looked as if the high school German program would be phased out – but a new German teacher has been hired and will teach those classes next year.

The year of online German classes took their toll, some students said.

“Taking German as a class was extremely difficult because we didn’t have a teacher,” sophomore Julia Graham said. 

Junior Stephany Ochs agreed.

“It was really startling. No one told us what was happening and people were upset since we had to do it virtually,” Ochs said.

Since students already have scheduled their classes, they should reach out to their school counselors if they have interest in taking German next year, counselor Carley Kaercher said. Incoming ninth grade students are encouraged to use the German interest form on their Canvas pages. 

“Once a student inquires about adding German to their schedule, their counselor will work to make sure this class is placed in their schedule,” Kaercher said. 

Ochs and Graham said they would be interested, but it all comes down to scheduling.

Kaercher encourages students to reach out to their counselors as soon as possible if they are interested to ensure they can get a spot in the appropriate class.