Netflix’s ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ proves to be a hit or miss

Asmita Pokharel, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new action spy thriller, Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, is a hit and miss movie. 

Park Hae-soo, better known as Cho Sang-woo or Number 218 from the hit series Squid Game, plays the role of Han Ji-hoon, a prosecutor who is demoted after a failed raid and is determined to work his way back up. 

Viewers follow Han Ji-hoon on a mission with a group of spies as he faces an unstable world full of corruption and betrayal. 

The film tries to combine different genres and finds an awkward balance that leaves the viewers lost at key moments.  It is a big blow to fans who are watching the movie after viewing the promising trailer. 

With poorly executed shooting scenes and car chases, the movie is a letdown for action fans. The ambition put towards these scenes is admirable but they are not delivered efficiently. 

It is only worth watching for the commendable job done by the actors even with a predictable plot. The antagonist and protagonist form a special bond that becomes the central point and theme of the film. 

The movie ends pretty strongly with plot twists and room for a sequel. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations works fine as an entertainment film, but fails to live up to the high standards we expect from the South Korean movie industry.