New window decals highlight district identity

The district partnered with the company Image 360, in an effort to beautify the schools.

Kevin Hutchinson, Staff Writer

The district has partnered with design company Image 360 to beautify schools in the district, and as of this week, the high school has a new set of vinyl window decorations, themed according to their locations: musical notes cover the auditorium windows, while the Baldwin Highlander covers the gym doors. 

“The brand helps tell the story.” Dr. Janeen Peretin, director of communication, innovation, and advancement, said. “When the space around you looks good, it makes you feel good.”

Image360 has worked with the University of Pittsburgh, pro sports teams, and numerous businesses. Their posters use perforated vinyl, which allows observers inside the building to look out through the designs as if they aren’t there.

Plans for beautification have been in the works for years. Since before the logo redesign in 2016, Peretin and Supt. Dr. Randal Lutz have been working to beautify the district. New decorations now hang at every school in the district.

Peretin said the district also plans to replace the district logo on the retaining wall facing Route 51 with the new, updated logo. 

“Anybody who visits our campus knows where they are and who we are,” Peretin said. 

More developments are to come. Vinyl posters may come to the south parking lot, where bus riders arrive and depart.

“(It’s about) instilling pride in the spaces we’re in,” Peretin said.