Softball falls to Canon Mac


Photo via Wikimedia.commons

The Baldwin girls softball team loses after a hard fought game against NA.

Ava Bell and Brooke Scanlon

The girls softball team fell to Canon Mac, 10-0, on Monday.

Junior Grace Schumacher said the team lacked energy.

“We were not hitting and no one was really into the game,” Schumacher said.

Schumacher said the team needs to focus on the game and cheering on their teammates.

Senior Kayleigh McDermott said the team also needs to improve on stringing more hits together.

“As a team, we are still hopeful to make it to WPIALs,” McDermott said.

Schumacher said senior Alexa Flavell stood out during the game.

“She started out hitting well and made some catches in the outfield,” Schumacher said.

McDermott said senior Maleah Pacella, Schumacher and junior Danielle Moore, and sophomore Anna Schumacher also played well. 

“Maleah had a couple good plays and Danielle, Grace, and Anna pitched well,” McDermott.