Very makes mark on girls varsity lacrosse as a freshman


Photo courtesy Aliza Very

Aliza Very holds her lacrosse stick on the Baldwin field.

Kalonga Mwenda and Amanda Booth

Freshman Aliza Very already has made her mark on the girls lacrosse team, recently scoring three of Baldwin’s five goals in a game against North Hills.
“I was definitely most proud of the first goal I had, which was a crease roll that then rolled back into a left-handed shot. I was proud because it was a shot with my non-dominant hand,” Very said.
Very, a midfielder, shows great potential and ambition on the lacrosse field. She was inspired to play after watching a lacrosse game when she was younger. Since middle school, Very has been working her way up to the skill needed for high school level lacrosse.
Very’s diligence landed her onto the varsity team as a freshman. Adjusting at first was a challenge, though.
“It was a really difficult change,” Very said. “I learned to develop new skills to keep up with the older girls. It was definitely not easy, but I managed to pull through.”
Teammate Taylor Bommer thinks Very has worked hard and proven that she brings a lot to the team. Bommer sees Very playing a key role on the team for years.
“She has worked hard playing on club teams. When we first started playing indoor this year, Aliza showed she has a lot to bring to the team. I think with her success, as a freshman, she can become a big leader and role model for the players coming up,” Bommer said.
Another one of Very’s teammates, Marissa Bordone, believes that Very has improved her defending while already being skilled on offense.
“I believe she has improved the most with her defense. She is exceptionally good offensively, and this year it seems that she has been able to become better at the other end of the field. She often intercepts the other team’s passes in our defensive end, and that gives us good offensive chances,” Bordone said.
Off the field, Very spends her time preparing for upcoming games and sharpening her skills.
“I try working any day I have no practice or I’m free. I try giving myself a day break or simply do cradling or different stick skills I need to learn,” Very said.
Although some games may be hard, Very stays driven to keep playing, with an eye to the future.
“I would say I just want to get to a college level. It’s my future that motivates me to continue keeping up with the older girls,” Very said.
Very’s biggest supporter is her dad. He keeps her on track and encourages her to continue improving.
“My dad always keeps me motivated to want to do the sport. After games he goes over how I played and tells me what to work on, which really helps me,” Very said.
Her teammates are excited to see what the future will bring for her.
“Aliza is only a freshman and one of our best players. She definitely has a bright future with the team,” Bordone said.