Wet Leg’s debut album brings unique music to indie world


Image via Domino Recording Company

The self-titled debut album from Wet Leg was released in April 2022.

Sam Tobiczyk, Multimedia Editor

British indie-rock duo Wet Leg’s self-titled debut is a refreshing and unique addition to the indie world. 

The duo, consisting of vocalist Rhian Teasdale and guitarist Hester Chambers, brings an eccentric and exciting style to the indie, and to a degree mainstream, scene that at times can seem contrived or forced. 

Wet Leg’s lyrics are outlandish and impulsive, describing the cynical world of the two bandmates. 

The song “Oh No” is the best example of their outlandish lyricism. The song describes the endless and alluring qualities of social media. The lyrics are paired with distorted guitar and abrupt starts and stops.

The opening track, “Being in Love,” describes the euphoric dread of love. The chorus of the song feels reminiscent of a song from the shoegaze genre, with a sort of wall of sound that overwhelms the listener.

Angelica” is another song that is reminiscent of shoegaze. At multiple instances throughout the track, a deafening guitar riff breaks through the track, making any listener pay full attention. The instrumentation also has a youthful, high pitch quality that brings an air of excitement.

The track “Chaise Longue” is the most popular song from the album, being released as a single and simultaneously going semi-viral. The song combines a glossy smooth guitar riff with offbeat and strange lyrics, adapting a post-punk style to a modern sound.

Ur Mum” is one of the most peculiar songs on the album, being an idiosyncratic breakup song. A little over halfway into the song, a 12-second scream envelops the song. A quality like this perfectly encapsulates the group – they make whatever music they please to.

The duo also has softer moments on their debut. 

Too Late Now” is another atypical song of the group, with the track having an elastic riff and cynical lyrics. The song starts out relatively muted, eventually building to the final coda that brings the song, and the album to an end. 

The track “I Don’t Wanna Go Out” is a more subdued song, building a deep melancholia throughout the course of the track. The song describes the unending apathy that comes with depression.

The band adds quirks and odd moments to all of their tracks, giving their music an entirely different feeling compared to other bands of similar styles. 

Overall, Wet Leg is an incredibly unique and impressive debut record, with a variety of different genres incorporated into its music.