Honor society aims to reduce test stress with posters


Asmita Pokharel

National Honor Society students are creating posters with Keystone test taking tips, which will be posted in the hallways.

Alisha Katel and Asmita Pokharel

The Keystone exams are approaching, and as students start to feel the stress, the National Honor Society is working on ways to relieve the pressure. 

The NHS is going to be creating posters with both general test-taking tips and content specific information. Some of the content specific posters will include QR codes with links to additional subject resources.

The posters will be placed in the hallways. They will be removed before Keystone testing begins, to maintain test security.

“If the posters alleviate any of the pressure, we will judge it as a success,” NHS sponsor Christopher Reilsono said. 

Some key reminders are getting a good night’s rest, having a filling breakfast, and keeping a relaxed mindset. 

“The teachers have prepared you for everything that is on the exam, so stay calm,” Reilsono said. 

The Keystone exams, which cover biology, algebra, and literature, will take place May 16-24.