Billy Woods’ new album continues his successful style


Image via Backwoodz Studioz

Billy Woods’ tenth studio album, Aethiopes, was released in April 2022.

Ethan Stock, Staff Writer

Billy Woods’ newest project, Aethiopes, has once again proven that he is one of the best underground rappers. 

Woods delivers another aggressive and conscious album, while also utilizing jazzy instrumentals.

The album features verses from ELUCID, Quelle Chris, Boldly James, Gabe ‘Nandez, Mike Ladd, EI-P, Breeze Brewin, Fatboi Shariff, Despot, Shinehead, and Denmark Vessey. Each feature delivers a perfect verse, each equally matching the tone of the album. 

Woods also uses his lyricism to speak on important political issues, while also telling stories of his childhood and life experiences.  

The only real flaw to this album is that it isn’t longer. The album needs more length compared to the depth of each track.  

The top five tracks are “Asylum,” “Sauvage,” “NYNEX,” “Protoevangelium,” and “Versailles.” 

Aethiopes coincides with the upcoming 10-year anniversary of History Will Absolve Me, Woods’ best album. 

Listeners of Mach Hommy, Armand Hammer, ELUCID, Immortal Technique, Open Mike Eagle, Ka, and Koreatown Oddity would enjoy Aethiopes by Billy Woods.