Indoor percussion places first in four-school competition


The Baldwin indoor percussion team competes with other schools around the area.

Ethan Stock and Seth Franco

Baldwin’s indoor percussion team won first place in its section at the Mt. Lebanon competition on Saturday. 

Baldwin’s percussion team faced off against four schools, including Elizabeth Forward and Ringgold.

Their competition show, which they have been practicing since November, is titled “Ding” and focuses on bells and other similar instruments.

Senior Sierra Schmidt complimented her team’s performance at the competition.

“All the work we put towards the season in general has paid off,” Schmidt said. “At that competition it felt really good to place first as an ensemble.”

Sophomore Matthew Colwell noted the indoor percussion team’s skill in syncing with the front ensemble and the battery. Both Schmidt and Colwell also praised senior Ryan Bramson, center snare drum player, for skillfully keeping the tempo accurate for the ensemble.

Additionally, Colwell praised the performance of Baldwin’s indoor color guard, which placed fourth. 

“They did really well. They’ve been practicing really hard for this,” Colwell said.

The indoor percussion team and color guard have one more show left in the season, which will take place at Baldwin on April 23.