Bathroom vandalism leads to shutdown of senior handprints

Handprints could be seen on the stalls of the third-floor boys bathroom this afternoon.

Senior handprints, a yearly tradition that unofficially kicks off the countdown to graduation, were canceled this afternoon after vandalism in a bathroom.

“I’m sorry to have to do this, but the tradition of senior handprints will be put on hold, until the identity of the student(s) who chose to vandalize the third floor bathroom is shared with me,” Principal Shaun Tomaszewski said in an email to students.

“I encourage the guilty party/parties to fess up, so that we can get this important rite of passage back on track. We still have many members of the Class of 2022 who haven’t had the chance to apply their handprints,” Tomaszewski wrote.

Since 2010, seniors have left their handprints in the stairwells of the school, with the sentimental tradition cited by seniors as an annual highlight.

Senior Sarah Sabin, who did not get to add her handprint before the event was shut down today, said she was not surprised that someone would do something like this to ruin this special moment for seniors.

“I am really disappointed especially that a senior would do something to a bathroom, and it hasn’t been done in previous years. I wanted to put my handprint next to my best friend, but I am not surprised someone would do something to ruin this moment.” Sabin said. 

Senior Ella Palatucci, who also did not get to add her handprint, agreed that the shutdown was unfortunate.

“I was definitely disappointed, but I know we will eventually do it. It was a shame, however, that a senior would ruin me getting my handprints,” Palatucci said.