Nigo’s first album in twenty years is disorganized but interesting


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Nigo’s second album, I Know Nigo, was released in March 2022.

Kalonga Mwenda, Staff Writer

Japanese fashion designer Nigo’s I Know Nigo compilation album is chaotic with glimpses of great music.

Twenty years after his debut, Ape Sounds, this project’s announcement has left many curious and eager to listen. Having Teriyaki Boyz and Clipse on this album makes it both a huge and rare moment. 

A$ap Rocky’s “Arya” is a banger. Rocky’s contributions on the album and those of Tyler, The Creator’s are by far the biggest highlights. The two relentlessly freestyle over two reworked Houston rap beats on “Lost and Found Freestyle 2019.” The shift from Rocky’s colorful side of the song to Tyler’s grimier performance captivates listeners.

“Want It Bad” and “Paper Plates” are almost pitiful. “Want It Bad” is ultimately a disappointing track coming from the highly influential Kid Cudi. It’s an obvious attempt at a dance hit, but is rather unimpressive. “Paper Plates” easily has the worst instrumental on the whole album. Despite the jarring beat, A$ap Ferg still makes a commendable effort to shine on the track.

“Hear Me Clearly” is the most dramatically different song on the album. Each song has poppy trap drums and vibrant melodies, but then this song’s instrumental is a clear outlier, with its dusty boombap instrumentation and inimical tone. Pusha T does not disappoint and gives a top-tier rap performance as usual.

The album does not seem like it will have much longevity for listeners, but fans of Tyler, The Creator, A$ap Rocky, and The Neptunes’ production will appreciate it. Additionally, Pharrell fans will also appreciate his performance on “Functional Addict,” which has one of his best hip-hop verses in years.