Netflix’s ‘Business Proposal’ has potential for international popularity


photo via Netflix

Netflix’s new K-drama, ‘Business Proposal,’ is becoming increasingly popular, due to the likeable characters.

Ayushma Neopaney, Staff Writer

Netflix original Business Proposal is the newest K-drama to gain international attention, leaving fans anticipating each episode. 

The rom-com begins with Shin Ha-ri, who agrees to take the place of Jin Young-seo, her best friend, on a blind date. After finding out that the date is with Kang Tae-mu, the CEO of the company where she works, she hides her identity but gets caught up in Tae-mu’s elaborate plan to fool his grandfather. The show is based on The Office Blind Date, a Webtoon comic with the same plot.

While the drama does not introduce any new elements compared to other dramas, its popularity comes from the unique, likable characters. Some fans have taken to social media to express that the dynamic between Cha Seong-Hoon, Tae-mu’s loyal secretary, and Jin Young-seo, who is convinced he is the love of her life at first sight, is just as interesting as the romance between the main characters.

The show currently has eight completed episodes and is still ongoing, with new episodes coming out twice a week. Each episode is about 50 minutes long and it will end at 12 episodes, making it perfect to binge-watch. Originally scheduled to have been released in February, it has been worth the wait.