Claud gives lively performance at Spirit Hall


Image via Bandcamp

Claud released their first studio album at the start of 2021.

Sam Tobiczyk, Multimedia Editor

Indie-pop artist Claud Mintz, known as Claud, gave a spirited performance at Spirit Hall in Lawrenceville on Friday.

The live show was energetic and rock-oriented despite Claud’s in-studio music being much softer and more mellow.

Claud opened their show with the song “Overnight,” the first song from their debut record, Super Monster, for which they have been touring. The song was performed vibrantly, with Claud playing roaring guitar in front of their backing band.

After an introduction, they then went into their next song, “Gold,” again performed with a loud and dynamic atmosphere.

In the middle of their set, Claud debuted a new song that they wrote while on tour called “Go Home.” The song was exciting and more pop-oriented than some of their other music.

Another standout performance was the song “Jordan,” which was performed dramatically and emotionally. 

The audience was full of life, applauding vigorously after each song, a trait which isn’t necessarily true of all Pittsburgh audiences. Claud interacted with the audience regularly between songs, telling stories about their grandma or a “haunted” venue they played while on tour.

With Spirit Hall being a smaller venue, the performance felt much more intimate than locations like Stage AE or PPG Paints Arena. Claud was able to talk to individual audience members, which most likely couldn’t happen at a larger venue.

Claud ended their set with the performance of their best-known song, “Soft Spot.” The song was an excellent way to end the set, with Claud falling to the ground at the end.

As a whole, Claud gave an enjoyable and animated performance that was worth going to see.