Konesky to show off his design at Warhol Museum fashion show


Ayushma Neopaney

Senior Bobby Konesky is participating in a fashion show at the Warhol Museum in which students will model clothes they designed.

Senior Bobby Konesky plans on studying fashion and marketing in college, and for the past month, he has had real-life experience through a fashion design program at the Andy Warhol Museum.

Tonight he will model the jeans he repurposed at a fashion show at the museum. He is confident in his design and looks forward to presenting it.

“I’m not really nervous, mostly just excited,” he said.

After hearing about the Warhol fashion program from his advanced fashion teacher, Virginia Pfatteicher, Konesky applied and was accepted. The four-week long program consisted of one session teaching the basics and the remaining three on designing a project. 

His design is two pairs of jeans that were cut down the middle and sewn together, creating a new and unique look.

“It was a little hard to work with denim since it’s a thicker material, but I was able to make it work,” he said.

Pfatteicher said Konesky already has experience with sewing.

“Bobby came to Advanced Fashion with experience from his grandmother, who taught him,” Pfatteicher said.

His teacher said Konesky’s project provided a challenge.

“The skill level to do this is quite difficult,” Pfatteicher said. 

Pfatteicher also shared her thoughts on Konesky’s success. 

“I am so excited that he put himself out there to do this program and I can’t wait to hear all about it,” she said. “Bobby, like most men who learn to sew, loves it and is very good at it. He has done a great job learning new skills like putting in zippers and making button holes.”