Netflix Spinoff ‘Human Resources’ provides comedy and diversity


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Netflix’s spinoff, Human Resources, shows diversity and emotional journeys with a few raunchy moments.

Asmita Pokharel, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new animated show Human Resources is a spinoff of the popular series Big Mouth that expands the universe into the lives of the monsters that make up essential parts of human life. 

The series features familiar recurring characters like Lionel the Shame Wizard, Maury the Hormone Monster, and even a quick guest appearance by Andrew Glouberman. The new story is based on the monsters and introduces many creatures such as the lovebugs, logic rocks, addiction angels, grief sweaters, and exciting background characters such as spiders and spaghetti monsters. 

Filled with random musical numbers, serious turns of events, and funny moments, the show is attempting to fill the shoes of its parent show. With the first 10 episodes introducing the show and its cast, viewers might want to stick around for future seasons. 

Ironically enough, though, the show has not quite found its balance yet. Each episode has many plotlines and the back and forth overwrapping storylines undermine each other at times. 

This is Big Mouth meets The Office meets Monsters, Inc., and Inside Out. It shows diversity and the breaking of gender roles, while the characters go on emotional journeys toward growth. It is an experience worth having for those who don’t mind a few raunchy moments.