Underrated Netflix films deserve more recognition

Underrated netflix shows are not getting enough praise.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Underrated netflix shows are not getting enough praise.

Amanda Booth, Staff Writer

On cable and streaming platforms, there are many movies that don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Here is a look at three exclusive Netflix movies, from different genres, that movie fans should check out.

For fans of sci-fi movies, What Happened to Monday is an underrated film full of action, futuristic technology, excitement, and suspense. It is set in the future where having a household with more than one child is outlawed due to overpopulation.

The plot involves a mother having an at-home birth of identical septuplet girls. Since they were born, they have had to act as only one person to the public eye, named Karen Settman (Noomi Rapace).

The septuplets each have been given a designated day to act as Karen since birth by being named for the days of the week. All goes well until one of the sisters, Monday, goes missing. 

This film keeps viewers interested in suspicious government acts and an unexpected betrayal. 

For romantic drama fans, All the Bright Places is filled with romance, tragedy, sadness, and an accurate portrayal of struggles with mental health. 

The main female character, Violet Markey (Elle Fanning), experiences the tragic loss of her sister that sends her on a downward spiral. As she struggles mentally with suicidal thoughts, Violet meets Theodore Finch (Justice Smith). 

Theodore helps her begin experiencing life with a brighter perspective, starting with a group project journaling the wonders of Indiana. 

Overall this emotional love story is worth the watch, and it will leave romance fans in tears. 

For a mix of heartfelt moments and humor, the rom-com When We First Met is the perfect movie. 

It begins at a Halloween party where the main character, Noah Ashby (Adam DeVine), meets the potential girl of his dreams, Avery Martin (Alexandra Daddario).  

The film skips forward to three years later, and he never got the girl. Heartbroken, Noah decides to drink his feelings away, leading him to a time-traveling photo booth from the night they met.

Noah relives the day he met Avery until he decides to change his future for the better