Machine Gun Kelly’s new EP provides barely adequate music


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Machine Gun Kelly’s new EP, Lockdown Session, follows his studio album from 2020, Tickets to My Downfall.

Kalonga Mwenda, Staff Writer

Problematic rapper turned rock star Machine Gun Kelly has released a surprisingly tolerable body of work, Lockdown Sessions.

Coming off of one of his most bizarre and successful years to date, he is still yet to impress rock listeners and even other genres’ audiences with his music. Kelly’s off-putting antics – from distasteful comments, to starting feuds with Eminem and Slipknot, to his controversial thorn engagement ring – make him the dislikable character he is. This new EP does not seem to help his case either, but has an element of enjoyability.

“Roll the Windows Up” is a seemingly outdated track almost adjacent to the “frat rap” era of the early 2010s. There isn’t much in the way of impressive lyricism or notable moments in it.

“In These Walls (My House)” is a self-absorbed ode to a woman he is seeing with glimpses of decent lyricism.

“Pretty Toxic Revolver” reveals a more vulnerable, reflective side of Machine Gun Kelly. Among the other songs on this EP, this one is the biggest highlight.

Overall, this project is passable. Fans of Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, and frat rap music will enjoy this EP.