Family members come together to open restaurant

March 4, 2022


Photo by Ayushma Neopaney

The interior of Everest Kitchen, located at 4042 Saw Mill Run Blvd.

Pema Gurung and three other family members bought Everest Kitchen restaurant in 2018 because of their desire to be self-employed in a family business. After seeing other Nepali people do the same in other states, they decided to try it themselves. 

One of their main goals is to have the family be more involved with the restaurant. Bajendra Dulal, one of the owners and a waiter at Everest, said there are many benefits to owning a restaurant, with one of them being that it is a social service.

“I love being a waiter here because it allows me to socialize and talk with many different types of people,” Dulal said. 

The owners are happy to see that the restaurant appeals to non-Nepali customers, as it is an opportunity to share their culture.

“We’re happy to share our cuisine, just like they’re happy to eat it,” he said. 

Everest Kitchen offers a wide selection of Nepali foods, but the most popular dishes are momo, pork sekuwa, a grilled pork dish with vegetables; and thali, which has rice and different types of curries. 

The interior of the restaurant is aesthetically pleasing with a comfortable environment. The restaurant also has Nepali artwork on the walls and a space depicting the village life in Nepal. 

Baldwin junior Rosalind Walker, who often goes to Everest with family, said they often try foods from different cultures. Samosa chaat, a dish of mashed potatoes mixed with various toppings, is her favorite.

“I wanted to support my close friend’s family, who own the restaurant, and it’s a place my mom and I enjoy going to,” Walker said.

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