Once Twice Melody is a solid but disappointing album


Image via Bandcamp

Once Twice Melody is the eighth studio album by Beach House.

Sam Tobiczyk, Multimedia Editor

Legendary dream-pop outfit Beach House’s new album, Once Twice Melody, is a solid album, but it does not live up to previous LPs by the group.

The album, the eighth studio album from the group, offers a unique listening experience, but fails to deliver on some tracks. With the tracks divided into four groups, one group of songs for each side of a double LP on vinyl, some tracks seem underdeveloped or bland.

Songs like “ESP,” “Through Me,” “Another Go Around,” and “Finale” are not discernible from other songs on the tracklist, only contributing to the tone of the album. While these songs are by no means bad, they do not bring anything unique to the LP.

While the album does have a few lackluster songs, there are a decent number of standout tracks, some being expertly crafted shoegaze music.

Tracks like “Once Twice Melody,” “Over and Over,” “Masquerade,” and “The Bells” are songs that fall in line with the band’s previous work, from albums like Teen Dream, Bloom, and Devotion.

“Once Twice Melody” specifically is one of the band’s best tracks, from any album. The song contributes flowery lyrics with a warm tone, with the song being quite different from many others in the group’s discography.

While the individual tracks may be inconsistent in quality, the work as a whole has a consistent tone — that being an optimistic longing, which is one quite familiar for the group.

Even songs that may be underwhelming in aspects like lyrics or production still provide the listener with the same feeling one may have after listening to previous, more critically acclaimed albums released by the group.

Overall, while Once Twice Melody may not be a revolutionary album from Beach House, it can still be enjoyed by fans of the group, or fans of dream-pop or shoegaze in general.