Smeal qualifies for PMEA Region Chorus Festival


Photo by Sam Tobiczyk

Junior Morgan Smeal competed at the PMEA District Chorus Festival last week.

Tumi Ojo and Sam Tobiczyk

When junior Morgan Smeal competed to qualify for the PMEA Region Chorus Festival, she was not necessarily expecting to qualify.

“I was shocked at first. After hearing everybody sing so well, I was surprised,” Smeal said.

Smeal was competing at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association’s District Chorus Festival, which had close to 200 singers. 

Smeal now has qualified to move on to the region level of the festival, which takes place on March 24 and 25. Each level of the festival has fewer contestants and harder judging criteria.

“Each level gets much harder, and the next level after regions is states,” she said.

Smeal said she had fun at the district competition, citing the impressive singing from other contestants.

“It was really cool seeing the highest level of singers all in one place,” she said. “It was a lot of fun.”

Even though the competition will become more competitive at the region level, she said she was excited to compete at a higher level.

Choir teacher Kris Tranter praised Smeal for her hardwork and technique. 

“In order to qualify for these festivals, the student not only has to have talent, but a good work ethic is also important,” Tranter said. “Morgan is a very hard worker. She always goes above and beyond the expectations in all her musical groups.”