All of Us Are Dead brings scares to the South Korean zombie genre


Image via Netflix

All of Us Are Dead was released on Netflix in 2022.

Dibya Ghimirey, Staff Writer

The South Korean zombie genre has exploded since the 2017 release of Train to Busan, and the recently released All of Us Are Dead sets a new standard when it comes to zombies terrifying enough to give viewers a sleepless night. 

Based on the webtoon series Now at Our School, this film follows a group of students in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse that takes over Hyosan High School. There’s plenty of gore and tense moments for viewers to enjoy, along with a few humorous moments to release the tension. 

The drama also creates a new element in the zombie genre, with at least three characters transforming into a zombie, but regaining many of their human characteristics. Nicknamed “Hambi” by Yang Dae-Su, one of the main characters, these students were bitten and are dead, but their strong desire to accomplish a goal didn’t turn them into a mindlessly wandering creature seeking blood. 

The actors put forth commendable performances, and the chemistry among them is enjoyable to watch. The series is binge worthy with only 12 episodes, and although Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, there might be a possibility of a new season coming out since the ending left viewers up in the air.