Home Team brings a feel-good story to Netflix


Image via Netflix

Home Team is the heart-warming true story about former NFL coach Sean Payton.

Grace Spozarski, Multimedia Editor

Even people who don’t follow football will have their hearts touched by the new Netflix film Home Team. This movie, while based on real events involving football, keeps up a comedic touch and emphasizes the importance of team building.

Home Team follows the journey of Head Coach Sean Payton as he gets suspended from his job with the New Orleans Saints. The scandal that led to this suspension is called “BountyGate,” in which Saints players got bonuses for intentionally injuring opponents. While the accusation focused primarily on the team’s defensive coordinator and not the head coach, the NFL concluded that Payton knew about this plan, and therefore suspended him. 

After being suspended, Payton travels back to his family in Texas in hopes of reconnecting with his son during his time off, and he ends up leaving with much more than that. 

The film opens with footage of the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts head to head in the 2010 Super Bowl. The genuine footage allows for the audience to feel the same excitement as it is happening, and even gives them a chance to see familiar faces. Former NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have their own cameos. 

Throughout the movie, it is easy to have a laugh, shed a tear, and feel all the emotions in between. Although the core reason for the movie is centered around a negative and dangerous topic not to be taken lightly, Home Team can be seen for more than that because of the learning curves followed and the acceptance of one’s own responsibility. 

Overall, this movie is recommended for anyone looking for a feel-good story in regards to team-building, determination, and seeing things through.