Washington Commanders name brings mixed reactions


Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders have come out with a new name after 2 seasons.

Ethan Spozarski, Sports Editor

For the past two seasons the NFL team formerly known as the Redskins has been called the Washington Football team. Now the Washington franchise has finally come up with a new name: the Washington Commanders. 

Their possible choices included the Red Wolves, Red Hogs, Defenders, Admirals, Armada/Brigade, Presidents, and finally, Commandeers. 

After two seasons and all the anticipation, the Commanders name feels quite underwhelming and not the best option. 

The Presidents would have fit with the location of the team in the nation’s capital. But when fans think of cool team names or names that stand out from this list, the Red Defenders name sounds the best. “Washington Red Defenders” has the best flow from that list. 

Not all the choices were ideal, though: the Defenders and Admirals sound more like a name for a USFL or XFL team. 

Regardless of fans’ initial reactions, a team’s name is properly judged when they start winning or losing.

— Ethan Spozarski

Just as Washington’s new name got a mixed reaction, the Cleveland Guardians – the new name for the team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians – has not been wildly popular. 

Once again this is a name that sounds like something for a minor league or a Little League baseball team, not one in the majors. The name actually refers to statues located near the stadium; they are the “guardians of traffic.” 

However, regardless of fans’ initial reactions, a team’s name is properly judged when they start winning or losing. That is when the true value of the name sticks out to fans.  

No matter what name sounds best, the loyal and true fans and viewers look for growth in a team and success. Bringing home a Lombardi trophy would make this Commanders name a winner.