Weekly releases on streaming services prove controversial for many viewers


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Some streaming services like Netflix are starting to release shows weekly, similar to cable television.

Alisha Katel, Staff Writer

Binge watching a TV series as soon as it comes out has become a prominent part of consuming media. Recently, though, Netflix has switched to a weekly release program for some shows, taking away the binging option.

With HBO’s success in releasing just one episode per week with shows like Euphoria and Succession, some viewers now prefer watching one weekly episode rather than watching an entire season of a show as soon as it comes out.

When the popular Netflix series Arcane was released, only a few episodes came out at first. The audience gave positive feedback and the release schedule built up anticipation, leaving the viewers wanting more.

The idea of weekly episodes does not appeal to everyone, and some fans argue that Netflix is supposed to differ from other cable networks and streaming services. Most people expect to use streaming services to watch multiple episodes in one sitting without interruptions. 

While the weekly release strategy is not ideal for drama series, it may be better for competition shows like Nailed It! and The Circle. Since episodes come out gradually rather than at once, it is easier to talk about the latest episode with other fans without worrying about giving away or hearing spoilers.

The internet quickly moves on from trend to trend, with popular ideas falling out of fashion regularly. Weekly releases of TV series episodes can give fanbases a steady dose of excitement for each episode to come.