Thriller “See For Me” keeps viewers in suspense

Thriller See for Me has audience in suspense.

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Thriller “See for Me” has audience in suspense.

Ava Rickman, Staff Writer

The new thriller See For Me will surely have viewers holding their breath when the true horrors of a home invasion come to life.

Skyler Davenport plays a blind ex-skier named Sophie, who uses an app to help her with mobility. Kelly, played by Jessica Parker, a veteran, helps her through this app. Skylar enjoys time in the cold mountains, but some men break into her house and she has to use the app to help her get out. 

Burglary is a fear of many, but the fear is doubled for this blind character who must rely on touch, sound, and the app. These men find her and even though she has called the police, she has to play along with them if she wants to survive.

Davenport is visually impaired, which is a good representation since usually directors hire able-bodied people who fake disabilities. Movies that have accurate representation are the best. 

This movie really sends chills through one’s body. Fans of thrillers should watch this movie – and then double-check their doors at night to make sure they are locked.