Chinese sci-fi film “Reset” has complex and mysterious touch

Chinese si-fi Reset has a mysterious twist.

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Chinese si-fi Reset has a mysterious twist.

Simran Rijal, Staff Writer

Angel Zhao from A Little Thing Called First Love and Bai Jing Ting from You Are My Hero team up to bring fans the Chinese sci-fi film Reset.

The action starts with female protagonist Li Shi Qing reporting there are bombs on a bus. A car approaches from behind, a kid states how he “wants a public bus,” and the bus explodes. 

Later, the male protagonist, Xiao He Yun, is revived by electric shock. He drifts off and wakes up on the bus and asks Li, “Is this our first time meeting?” She replies, “You also entered the loop didn’t you?”

The same thing happens again: Xiao wakes up on the bus next to Li. Now they must work together to get out of the loop. 

There have been other dramas like this, but both having both actors stuck in a loop of a repeating past is an original twist. 

The actors play their parts extremely well. The movie also gives enough time for the actors and their personalities to develop. 

One last thing: Keep watching, as the show continues, it gets more complicated, and a lot more mysteries appear.