`Blue Period’ is an anime that inspires


Photo via: Netflix

The new anime series ‘Blue Period’ has a meaningful theme and realistic characters.

Khushila Dulal, Photo Editor

Anyone looking for a show with complex but relatable characters will enjoy Blue Period, a slice-of-life show about passion, ambition, and dreams.

Blue Period, available to watch on Netflix and Crunchyroll, is one of the most awaited anime shows of the past year. Many anime fans also share an interest in art, so a coming-of-age story about a high school student pursuing his dreams of becoming an artist was already a relatable concept.

Due to the show being based on a manga that features amazing art, the expectations for the show were very high. Even though there was a lot of pressure on the creators of this anime, they definitely delivered. 

The show follows Yatora Yaguchi, a delinquent with good grades but no real ambition for anything in life. He comes across a painting in his art club and finds himself so inspired and moved that he decides he wants to create art himself. As the show progresses, it follows Yatora’s efforts to get accepted into Tokyo University of the Arts, which only accepts 1 in every 200 applicants. 

Every character in the show is detailed, which makes them feel extremely real. The viewers know the characters’ motivations, concerns, and goals. All of the supporting characters allow Yatora to shine but are also amazing on their own. 

Yatora struggling to find an interest that is fulfilling is something many people can relate to. Not only is he charming as the main character, but watching the people around him seeing his growth and finding the motivation to do better themselves is deeply moving. 

While the anime focuses mainly on art, viewers do not have to be interested in art to enjoy Blue Period. The story and the connection between the characters are enough to keep the viewers’ attention regardless of their interest in art. 

At its core, Blue Period has one of the best themes and characters that viewers will be able to find in recent anime.