Cordae’s new album disappoints, even with a-list features


Image via Atlantic Records

Cordae’s new album “From a Bird’s Eye View” is a disappointment.

Ethan Stock, Club Member

The latest album from former YBN member Cordae is terrible.

From a Bird’s Eye View features Freddie Gibbs (on an excellent verse), Lil Wayne, Gunna, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, Roddy Ricch, Nas, and H.E.R. This “A team” of features makes Cordae sound like he was on the “B” team.

The features are enticing and add longevity to the tracks. Although the features are good, Cordae’s basic sound makes him sound just like J.Cole – yet he can’t make a project better than Cole.

Prior to releasing From a Bird’s Eye View, Cordae released a four-song EP in early 2021 titled Just Until to tease the upcoming album. That EP outperforms From a Bird’s Eye View specifically in terms of artist involvement and emotion.

The album lacks severely in effort from Cordae. It feels like he knows he lost the majority of the hype and decided to release a half-finished, unmixed folder of files, and call it an album.   

Fans of the slow, repetitive genre of hip hop will be the only ones to enjoy From a Bird’s Eye View.