The Altogether’s new EP is based on a Shakespeare play


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The Altogether’s have put out a new EP that has a calming sound.

Alisha Katel , Club Member

After The Altogether’s anticipated album Silo in 2020, fans have met their newest EP, Dance on the Walls: The Songs of Twelfth Night, with even more excitement.

Being the first major project after ex-bandmate Brian David Gilbert left, the band has taken a less-produced approach this time.

Songwriter and vocalist Jonah Scott based the entire EP on William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. The lyrics tell the story of twins Viola and Sebastian, who lose each other in a shipwreck.

The record starts with a cozy sound, then becomes a bit sorrowful, and returns to the original welcoming atmosphere by the end.

Since this music was written to be performed outdoors, Scott took a straightforward approach to instrumentals. They are brief, featuring mostly guitar. The simple melodies encourage singing along.

Although the songs are pleasant to listen to, they are very short. This doesn’t leave a lot of content to experience while listening.

Most of the songs feature singer-songwriter Sophia K. Metcalf. Their vocals offer warmth and vibrancy on top of the colorful instruments. Songs like “Shipwreck Song” and “Dance on the Walls” are the most folk-like tunes on the record. 

Fans of The Crane Wives, Louie Zong, The Narcissist Cookbook, and Ricky Montgomery would enjoy this band.