Miranda’s music should draw fans to `Encanto’


Photo via Disney.com

Unlike ‘Hamilton’, ‘Encanto,’ features a music style based on Colombian folk music.

Kaitlyn Schmidt, club member

Musical fans skeptical of Encanto because its primary target audience is children should take another look at the film, since the soundtrack composer is Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame.


Encanto is an animated musical and comedy film focused on Mirabel Madrigal, an ordinary 15-year-old girl stuck in a family of people blessed with unique gifts. Upon learning that the family’s supernatural powers, sourced from a magical candle, are in danger, she discovers she might be the Madrigals’ last hope of saving their miracle.


The movie itself is filled with charm, a major part being catchy songs such as “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” sung by the entire cast; “Surface Pressure,” featuring Luisa (Jessica Darrow); and “Waiting on a Miracle,” starring Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). 


The style of the music, however, has a great contrast to the songs in Hamilton. As opposed to hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and pop, Encanto’s main style is based on Colombian folk music. Although Hamilton’s music styles are definitely more well known, Encanto provides a similar structure of having many verses of the songs overlap in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” just like in Hamilton’s “Non-Stop.”


The arrangements in this animated film likely will still endear themselves to musical fans, leaving the tunes stuck in the heads of many even hours after the movie’s end.