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The director Dan Mazer isn’t known for his cinematography however this movie was shot like one of those low budget Disney XD direct to TV movies where the puppies go to Hollywood or do something to save the day.

The 17 School Days of Christmas: Latest `Home Alone’ movie deserves to be left alone

The newest Home Alone film shows a light at the end of the tunnel for the franchise.

Home Sweet Home Alone starts with a couple trying to sell their house while the new Kevin McCalister (Max Mercer) wanders through the McKenzie home. Max steals a family heirloom, an old, disfigured doll at an open house.

Holiday hijinx then ensues, with a cat and mouse dynamic between the couple and Max like the previous movies, but with a modern twist. 

The film is hurt by very redundant dad jokes that flood the dialogue. There are, however, a few funny jokes and references that save the movie.

Director Dan Mazer isn’t known for his cinematography, but this movie was shot like one of those low-budget, Disney XD direct-to-TV movies where the puppies go to Hollywood or do something to save the day.

This is a low-brow movie with no standout actors. There is a cameo from Buzz, Kevin’s older brother from the original Home Alone installments, as Officer McCalister. 

This film is a perfect example of greedy Hollywood executives continuing to milk the already bone-dry cash cow which is the Home Alone series. 

The movie is geared towards a younger, more immature audience. Younger families trying to find their holiday groove and could possibly find it enjoyable. 


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