Opinion: NFL fines getting out of control

Ethan Spozarski, Sports Editor

The NFL is reaching the halfway point of the 2021 season, and league officials have handed out some crazy and ridiculous fines. Here are the top three most recent examples: 

Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb has been fined $50,000 this season. His most recent one is a $5,150 fine for not having his jersey tucked in. And the following week he was fined $15,450 again for the same reason.  If Lamb were to do it again next week, the fine would rise to $46,350. 

This feels a tad excessive — considering that last season there was no turmoil about players doing this and it just became an issue in the middle of this season. 

Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers was fined $14,650 for not following the league’s COVID-19 guidelines. Teammate Allen Lazard was fined for the same reason. 

Rodgers didn’t lie about not getting his vaccine; he was just vague about how he handled it. And considering 95 percent of the league is vaccinated, this issue is not too consering. 

The Packers as a team were fined $300,000. This fine came from a team Halloween party. The event was outside of the team facility. 

The most ridiculous fine of all this season has to go to Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh ”

— Ethan Spozarski

And the most ridiculous fine of all this season has to go to Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh, who was fined $5,972 for staring at the Steelers sideline during their Monday night game last week. That flag was the defining point in that game and a huge reason the Steelers won.

This past week, the NFL has acknowledged that referees in that Steelers-Bears game made some questionable calls. 

As the 2021 NFL season continues to roll on we will have to see how the NFL handles the new “taunting” rule, proper apparel, and COVID protocol.