Debut Billie Eilish’s brother sounds repetitive

Finneas comes out with his debut album Optimist.

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Finneas comes out with his debut album Optimist.

Sara Scheeser, Multimedia Editor

Optimist, the new album from Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas, is full of mostly sad songs that have an electronic and depressing sound. 

A lot of the songs sound mostly the same. They are all slow songs that give off the same feelings. 

One song, “All the Kids are Dying,” is sad but has a good meaning. The lyrics are about current issues in the United States, and the song has a good beat. 

“Only a Lifetime” and “Peaches Etude” both are musically very pretty. There is piano in both of the songs with a quiet but beautiful sound. 

Other songs in the album, like “The 90s” and “Medieval,” are a mix of sad and electronic sounds. The songs have a weird, forced sound to them. “The 90s” is also repetitive, making it boring to listen to. 

Overall, the album has a sense of self pity and is boring for the listeners.