Inspiration came early for new vice principal


Brooke Scanlon

Whitfield knew he wanted to be a teacher starting from a young age.

Izzy Swanson and Brooke Scanlon

Brandon Whitfield, Baldwin’s new assistant principal, knew he wanted to work in education ever since he was inspired by his fifth-grade teacher.

“My fifth grade math teacher, Mr. V, always made me want to do what he did,” Whitfield said. “I always wanted to be a fifth-grade math teacher, which I was, just because of how fun he made learning and how engaged I was when I was in his room.”

Graduating from Langley High School, Whitfield was involved in a magnet program for students interested in education. 

“Even at the high school level, I was doing some form of student teaching and teaching kids,” Whitfield said. 

Whitfield did accomplish his dream of being a fifth-grade math teacher, along with teaching special education and first and second grade. Although Whitfield enjoyed teaching elementary students, he has realized how rewarding it can be to work with high school students. 

“I’ve learned over the last week that I think I like high school the most, because I can have authentic conversations with all of you. I really enjoy the idea of trying to get you all ready for the real world,” Whitfield said. 

Whitfield made an impression during the interview process, Principal Shaun Tomaszewski said. 

Brandon stood out from the beginning. He talked about wanting to grow as an administrator, and I could tell that he was very reflective about the challenges that he would face transitioning to a large high school like ours,” Tomaszewski said. 

Whitfield has wanted to become an administrator for some time.

“I always knew that I wanted to work closely with teachers, as well as stay connected with students,” he said. 

Tomaszewski said that this emphasis on connections has not gone unnoticed. 

“When I called to check his references, everyone spoke about how committed he has always been to establishing positive relationships with kids and colleagues,” Tomaszewski said. “In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen this on display every single day.”

In terms of the future, Whitfield does not envision advancing his career beyond being a building-level administrator.

“I would love to eventually be a head principal and I think that’s where I would cut it off. I never want a job where I work without kids,” Whitfield said. 

Both Whitfield and Tomaszewski are enthusiastic about Whitfield’s future at Baldwin.

“I couldn’t be more impressed,” Tomaszewski said. “I’m looking forward to working with him for years to come.”