Boys soccer looks to move past Lebo loss


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Boys soccer gets its first win on Senior Rec Night against Brashear.

Ayushma Neopaney and Sneha Bhandari

The boys soccer team lost to Mt. Lebanon 4-0 on Thursday. 

Mt. Lebanon took the lead in the first half and held it throughout the game. Sophomore Bigyan Regmi said the Highlanders were not expecting the Blue Devils to be such a strong team.

“We underestimated the team and really wanted to crush them, but unfortunately this was not the result we were hoping for,” Regmi said. 

Despite the loss, the team hopes to win the next game by working together as a group, communicating with one another, and by not panicking under pressure. 

Senior Shajit Pokwal said the Highlanders want to go into the game with a winning mindset and a fighting spirit. 

The players said that freshman goalie Gabe Herrle did a great job given Lebo’s offensive pressure.