Summer Olympics will go on, with restrictions


Japan has decided to close its border to tourists while the games are going on.

Owen Pogany

The Summer Olympics are to be held from July 23 to Aug. 8, but how will the current pandemic affect the games?
This year the Olympics will be held in Tokyo. Although the cases of Covid had been low in Japan, there has been a recent spike in cases, bringing Tokyo into a state of emergency.
So will there be international visitors allowed at the Olympics this year? The answer to the question is no. Japan has shut its borders down to tourists, and all international athletes will be tested before they travel to Japan. Although there are no international fans allowed, there is still a question as to whether or not there will be local guests allowed at the Olympics or not.
There are lots of news rules and regulations for the Olympic athletes as well.
For example, athletes will not be allowed to stay in the Olympic Village for the duration of the games, and they must depart after their events conclude.
In addition, athletes will also not be allowed to use public transportation or visit non-Olympic sites, local bars, restaurants, or shops. These protocols are put in place to help athletes avoid getting sick.
Athletes must also submit two negative Covid tests before their departure for Tokyo, and must take a third one upon landing in Tokyo. After all tests come back negative, all athletes must stay in their rooms for three days. If an athlete receives a positive test they will not be allowed to compete.
However, athletes are permitted to leave the Olympic Village to train or do other Olympics-related activities, as long as they test negative for Covid each day.
Olympic athletes have been urged to get vaccinated, although it is certainly not necessary for them to have it to compete. Masks are expected to be worn at all times except for when athletes are competing or if they are training.
Although this year’s Summer Olympics will be different, athletes and fans will have to learn to accept the new changes for now.