Mask changes bring uncertainty, but a return to normal seems on the horizon


Image via Wikimedia Commons

States and school districts have been debating mask mandates for much of the pandemic.

Izzy Swanson, Multimedia Editor

Masks have become a routine part of today’s world, with people used to seeing others only from the nose up. It’s a shock to some to see someone you’ve only known with a mask on now not wearing one.

Although some people never fully complied with the mask regulations, many did and no longer view it as an annoyance or hassle but rather a step in their routine. However, recent changes to the mask mandate have stirred up a new set of conflicts.

Many states have decided that with much of the population receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, there is a need for change in regards to indoor regulations: Those who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear a mask when they go most places.

This is good news to some; however, many people see it as an easy way to lie. People can easily claim to be fully vaccinated, despite never having received it. Likewise, many people are self-conscious without a mask, as masks have become the new normal. With much of the population wearing a mask, those who are seen without one draw a great deal of attention to themselves.

On the bright side, with indoor regulations being altered, the possibility for a return to life before Covid seems to be approaching. People have begun going out to eat again, and talk of concerts and large events have sparked excitement in many.

The new mask rules definitely pose issues, but it seems to be a move toward life without the constant burden of Covid.