Recurring fashion trends inspire debate

Abby Hutchinson and Brooke Bayer

Throughout history, fashion has been used to trademark different eras of the past, such as the Victorian gowns that are used to remember Queen Victoria’s reign in England.
In recent years, though, it has become more common to recycle or bring back certain trends of the late 20th century and early 2000s.
One big debate at the moment focuses on jeans — and which ones need to stay in their original time. “Mom jeans” and “ultra high waisted” jeans have become a staple in many Americans’ styles.
The idea of “mom jeans” first became popular in the ’80s and into the ’90s. This style of jeans has made its way back on big company racks such as American Eagle and Hollister in recent years. This has sparked debate over whether other styles of jeans should make a comeback.
Sophomore Brooke McArdle is one Baldwin student who supports the high-rise jean and mom jean styles making a comeback.
“I love mom jeans. They are comfy and look good. They are universal pants that can be worn with anything,” McArdle said. “They are personally my favorite.”
In the early 2000s era, celebrities such as Britiany Spears and Megan Fox started the trend of low-rise jeans. This trend has made a smaller comeback in recent years. This has caused many fashion outlets and magazines to debate if they deserve the same type of comeback.
While the high-rise and mom jeans trends have the support of many, that cannot be said about low-rise jeans.
“Low rise jeans aren’t the best. They are not the best if you want to wear a crop top or something like that. They remind me of the ’90s to 2000s era,” McArdle said.
Although some people’s styles do not have room for styles of the ’90s and early 2000s, other Baldwin students are looking to the general era of the late 20th century for fashion inspiration
“My style is derived from ’90s and ’70s streetwear. I like to wear different patterns and colors that are against the norm. Honestly, anything comfortable — I’ll wear it,” sophomore Brooklyn Williams said.
The clothing style of certain decades like the ’70s and ’90s is coming back. Items like loose pants, big sweaters, and even sweater vests are taking up space in closets.
“I was obsessed with ’90s TV show icons like characters from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Cosby Show, or A Different World, so those people in those shows inspired my style,” Williams said.
Another big contributor to the ’70s and ’90s clothing trend is thrift shops. People love the idea of getting unique pieces of clothing for less than half of the initial price. Most pieces in the stores easily fit into the ’70s and ’90s category.
As for hairstyles, during the 1980s mullets were popular, especially among the rock stars of the time period. Mullets could be seen on people like Paul McCartney, Joan Jett, and John Travolta. Now, mullets can be seen everywhere once again. However, they have become a controversial style.
“When you see them you turn away and walk the other direction,” sophomore Cadence Morton said.
Sophomore Carson Gregg thinks the style should definitely stay in the 1980s.
“Personally I do not like mullets,” Gregg said. “They do not make a person look clean and it doesn’t always look good — especially if you are looking to get a job. The boss might not like how it looks and want you to look more professional.”
The trend has become popular among sport teams that choose to change their hair style or color to celebrate accomplishments such as making it into playoffs.
Sophomore Brady Zofcin on Baldwin’s hockey team thinks that is a valid time to bring the mullet back.
“If we wanted to do team mullets then I would participate,” Zofcin said.
Hairstyle trends are not only coming back for men, though.
Another trend that made its way back into the spotlight is the curtain bangs hairstyle. Curtain bangs first began in the ’60s and ’70s. Now, they can be seen on people like Jennifer Lopez and Olivia Rodrigo.
Morton recently cut her hair to have curtain bangs because of the current trend.
“I was inspired by Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. I really liked her hair and I thought it would look good because it’s popular,” Morton said.
While the idea of certain trends coming back from the past may frustrate and excite some, the endless rotation of fashion allows everyone to have a chance to express themselves in different ways with articles of clothing and style that they may have missed out on.