Opinion: Conquer fear and try something new


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Getting in the habit of trying new things as a high school student can lead to trying new things in adult life as well.

Sara Scheeser, Staff Writer

At the beginning of my very first lacrosse season this year, I was hoping to not play in any games at all. By the end of the season, I wanted to be on the field every minute of every game. 

This shows that trying new things, even though it is not easy, can be a great experience. 

When people are young kids, it is really easy to try new things. There is no judgment, and they can discover new things for fun. 

But when people grow to be teenagers, it is harder to try new things. Yet there are still opportunities to do so. There is more fear of being judged and not doing well, but taking a chance on something new could lead to a new favorite activity. 

Adults have an even harder time trying new things because they are often comfortable with what they have. There are also not as many opportunities for adults to try new things as kids. 

Fears and judgment from others should not stop people from trying and discovering new things. 

In high school, there are so many opportunities to try new things, including clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities. In the process of doing new activities, people can become more well-rounded and talented. 

It is important for high school students to keep trying new activities because it will shape them into adults, and open up more opportunities for their futures. 

High schoolers can try a lot of new things, making it easy to find something they would enjoy. It also helps them to feel less judged and more welcomed. 

New sports, like lacrosse, art classes, or even trying a new instrument can all give high schoolers more opportunities to do fun things and make new friends. Doing new activities can also help people to find something they are interested in and good at. It could lead to a possible future career, or just a nice hobby to have. 

Getting in the habit of trying new things as a high school student can lead to trying new things in adult life as well. Many adults are comfortable in their lives, but doing new activities can broaden their lifestyle and bring new hobbies into their lives. 

Lacrosse was new to me this year, but it was a great decision to try it. I met so many new, supportive people who really helped me get better.

At the first practice, I had no idea what I was doing. But about three games into the season I was feeling pretty confident.  

Because I decided to try something new, I have now found an exciting new sport to continue to play through my high school years.