Rodrigo’s popular debut deals with heartbreak


Rodrigo’s new album, “Sour” discusses the emotions one experiences, after a breakup.

Izzy Swanson, News Editor

Olivia Rodrigo’s first album, Sour, is essentially about dealing with heartbreak and the process of slowly learning how to move on.

The album consists of her most popular songs, such as “Driver’s License,” “Deja Vu,” and “Good 4 U.” The songs were released before the album dropped and instantly gained an immense amount of popularity. Her music has a subtle taste of early 2000s pop, while channeling the same sounds as artists like Taylor Swift.

Her song “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” samples Taylor Swift’s song “New Year’s Day” allowing Rodrigo to accumulate fans who also support Swift.

The abum is unique because songs like, “Brutal,” “Jealousy, Jealousy,” and “Good 4 U” all have a spunky feel to them, sending a message that people can feel upset over a breakup while also gaining a feeling of independence.

However, the album also includes songs like “Enough for You” and “Favorite Crime,” which play on the feelings of emptiness and self doubt.

Overall, Rodrigo’s song “Hope Ur Ok” can be identified as being the most emotional track. The song discusses the emotions of someone who feels isolated, as Rodrigo creates different situations and experiences through the lyrics.

Sour is definitely an album people can relate to, and has proved it deserves the popularity it has accumulated. Rodrigo’s future projects have a lot to live up too.