Opinion: Packers need to solve Rodgers problem


Photo via Wiki Commons

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers drama continues and soon needs to find an answer.

Jacob Staley, Staff Writer

Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with the Packers organization and has told them he does not want to play nor return to Green Bay.

The Packers have had issues like this before with drafting Rodgers to replace Brett Favre. Now the Packers drafted Jordan Love as a potential replacement for Rodgers.

The Packers are not the only team this has happened to, the most recent example being Tom Brady and Jimmy Garopollo on the Patriots. Brady was unhappy with the Patriots for drafting his potential replacement. He forced the Patriots to trade either him or Garopollo. They chose to keep Brady and trade Garopollo to the 49ers.

But the Packers now have issues with their whole team since Rodgers has said he does not want to return. Their star wide receiver, Davante Adams, has said that he would rethink his position with the team if Rodgers is not his quarterback.

The team hopes to persuade Rodgers not to leave by trying to find pieces for the team that helps him on offense, but that hasn’t been going so well. They haven’t picked up a single veteran offensive player — other than another quarterback in Blake Bortles. The belief is that Rodgers will not be coming to training camp, so the organization felt they needed another quarterback.

The team has supplied Rodgers with good players in the past. Adams and Aaron Jones are two very good players at wide receiver and running back. They also have good second options at both of those positions and more, with Allen Lazard at wide receiver, Robert Tonyan at tight end and AJ Dillon at running back. Their offensive line is also among the best in the league with David Bakhtiari as the centerpiece of the line at tackle.

They have a very good team, but have not won anything in the past few years. They have only made the Super Bowl twice since 2000, which is definitely good, but their team should be better.

The team cannot give up a generational player like Rodgers that easily. So if they do want to trade him, they have to get a big haul for him or just keep him and try and get more weapons like he has said he wants.

With Rodgers wanting another weapon and Julio Jones now available, if the Packers can get a blockbuster deal without giving up a superstar, they would definitely be favorites for the Super Bowl.