`Bad Batch’ sure to keep Star Wars fans happy


‘The Bad Batch’ gives a look into the lives of a clone team, who were first introduced in ‘The Clone Wars.’

Brooke Bayer, Staff Writer

Star Wars: The Bad Batch gives fans a new look at the team of specialized clone soldiers that were first introduced in The Clone Wars.
In the first three episodes, fans got to see how the Bad Batch reacted to Order 66 and the aftermath of the fall of the Separatist Alliance and the Republic, both being replaced by the Empire. These episodes show a different perspective on what happened during Order 66, from a clone’s point of view and how civilians were impacted by the order, which was not shown in Revenge of the Sith.
The viewers also are introduced to a new character that was not a part of the Bad Batch from The Clone Wars, named Omega. Omega adds a new dimension to the team as she is a child and the first girl clone ever created from Fett’s DNA. The other members of the Bad Batch are Echo, Tech, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Hunter.
Hunter, the leader of the group, is forced to make tough decisions in the first few episodes and is questioned by his brothers. All of the members have different abilities that make them special compared to other clones.
Episodes 1-3 will have fans excited for more episodes. They are to be released every Friday for the next few months.
These episodes give fans what they want in this series and continue to build on the ever-popular Bad Batch. Since the series Clone Wars, fans have been wanting to know more about the team and what had happened to them after the war.
In these episodes Disney+ and Dave Filoni have come through, and they bring what everyone was hoping for, with action-packed episodes leaving fans excited to see what will happen next.