‘Invincible’ series will win over fans of superheroes


The show is filled with action, color, and a variety of unique characters.

Carson Chapel, Staff Writer

Invincible, a new animated series, is a perfect fit for anyone who loves comics, gore, or superheroes.

Mark Grayson is a 17-year-old who has waited his whole life to get his powers since he is a Viltrumite, which is someone who comes from a planet where superheroes are born. His dad, Omni-Man, is the most powerful superhero on the planet and Invincible wants to be just like him.

One good thing about the show Invincible is that there are many action scenes where the audience can pick out their favorite superheroes. There are also plenty of cool and unique superheroes in the show. These superheroes also have great superhero suits that are filled with color.

Anyone who has watched Invincible likely can agree that there must be more seasons. The show can be watched on Amazon Prime Video, and the streaming service has renewed the show for seasons two and three.

Although there are many good things about the show, there are some things that should change. A regular human named Amber does not understand the things the audience understands about Mark Grayson. She is high maintenance and annoying.

Overall, there are some problems, but Invincible is a great, action-packed watch and is likely to become a favorite for most viewers.