Class of 2021 readies for virtual senior interviews on Tuesday

The Class of 2021 will have their senior interviews on Tuesday.

Photo via Baldwin High School

The Class of 2021 will have their senior interviews on Tuesday.

Ethan Franco and Dominick Ditoro

Senior Justin Bochter is confident going into his virtual senior exit interview on Tuesday.

“It’s a lot less intimidating than it would be in person,” Bochter said. “I think it would be a little easier because I’m in the comfort of my own home, and they watch our videos and stuff beforehand.”

Senior CJ Lucas agreed.

“I feel like it might be a little more comfortable, and it will make it easier for me,” Lucas said. 

Bochter, Lucas and the rest of the Class of 2021 will discuss their senior portfolios with a panel of staff members and community members in the annual senior interview project. 

A senior seminar class was offered to interested students to help guide them through the steps of compiling their portfolios.

As a result of COVID-19, the exit interviews will be taking place virtually this year via Google Meets, just as they did last year.

“Based on student and teacher feedback, we made a couple tweaks to this year’s method to make a better product for students,” Rich Deemer, one of the coordinators of the interview project, said.

Senior Bhim Dhakal is feeling hopeful despite the possible challenges of a virtual interview. 

“I feel pretty good,” Dhakal said. “There’s still a possible problem of technical issues, though.”

Senior Courtney Chapel said the use of technology could make the interview more difficult, but said the senior seminar class did a good job of preparing students for this moment.

“I think it was informative. They did a good job of making sure everyone stayed on track and had everything turned in,” Chapel said.

Natalie Grattan, another coordinator of the interview project, said she expected students to succeed.

“I think students are going to do very well. Students have been doing virtual for so long they will feel comfortable,” Grattan said.  

Deemer also is confident that the students are ready for this. 

“This year they have had the unique opportunity to take advantage of the Senior Project Google Classroom,” which guided students with practice questions, directions, and recordings, he said.

Some seniors are cautiously excited to see their hard work discussed. 

“I’m really excited for it. It’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I want to leave my senior year on a good note,” senior Zack Wyse said.