Opinion: Netflix cancels too many good shows


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Netflix show “I am Not Okay With This” is just one show that Netflix has canceled with much backlash.

Taslima Chapagai, Staff Writer

Netflix has been known to cancel good shows in the middle of a cliffhanger or just when the series has started to get good.

It is particularly disappointing that the streaming service has been canceling good shows while still having awkward or terribly written shows on the air.

For example, Netflix canceled a special show called The Society after about a year. They gave the audience from May 10, 2019, till Aug. 21, 2020, to become fond of it, and most people who watched it were. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a total of 86 percent of people who watched this show loved it and begged for a season two, but Netflix was cruel and canceled this touching show.

A Netflix original show called Anne with an E ran for just three seasons after getting very good reviews and feedback from viewers. People who watched it and gave it a try loved the show and it was a hit, but Netflix again decided to cancel this masterpiece.

Netflix also decided to cancel I Am Not Okay With This is a matter of only six months. It says on Rotten Tomatoes that 90 percent of the people who watched this show liked it. Netflix only released one season and decided to cancel it right after that. If they had looked at the response of the audience to this show, it would have gotten them more publicity because of how good this show was.

Streaming platforms have been known to cancel shows simply because it does not make them enough money or because it takes the show longer than they expected to reach the desired amount of viewers. Doing this takes away any admiration the platform could have eared simply because they kept a well directed and produced show.

Meanwhile, Netflix has decided to make shows that absolutely no one wants to watch. They have decided to release a show that revolves around the dramatic TikTok group called the “Hype House.” These are the steps that Netflix has been taking to improve its platform, but what they do not realize is that these steps are actually hurting their platform.

Netflix overall needs to be more comprehensive in getting reactions and feedback from their loyal customers. They would be pulling in more customers if they paid more attention to what is most popular on people’s screens and what is not.

When people love a Netflix original show and they recommend it to others, those people are more likely to be convinced to get Netflix and watch the show. Canceling these great shows not only angers current customers but also drives away potential new customers.

This is becoming a trend for Netflix to cancel these phenomenal shows and it needs to be stopped.