Time management can help students deal with pressure


Photo by Lindsay Bonetti

Time management is an important thing in any persons life.

Sara Scheeser and Taslima Chapagai

With students juggling homework, sports, clubs, and busy social lives, time management is an important aspect of student life. To be successful and still have time to do things with friends and family, time management is a necessity.  

“Time management difficulties can lead to students falling behind academically due to not completing projects or homework on time, failing to submit assignments, being unprepared for exams, or rushing through work at the last minute,” Dr.Alyssa Stiver, a therapist with a practice based in Pittsburgh, said.

Bad time management can cause stress and anxiety for students, but at Baldwin High School, students have been trying hard to keep up with all the work. 

Senior Bayleigh Bartic plays sports, has a job, and daily homework. She has worked on time management throughout her past three years of high school. 

“I have become a lot more organized and have improved my time management to make sure I am able to complete everything I need to complete,” Bartic said. 

If students can come up with tactics to help achieve their time management goals, it will lead them to a better mental state. 

Learning how to “set boundaries, figure out what works best, and utilizing time to the furthest while maintaining self-care” can help students handle these time pressures, said Christina Cichon of Baldwin’s Chill Room. 

Learning how to manage time can lead students to achieve better grades and be in a better mental state overall. Many benefits come with learning how to manage your time. 

However, time management issues have gotten a lot more challenging since the start of COVID. 

Because of the coronavirus, students have had to deal with many changes: hybrid and online school, quarantine, and loss of motivation. 

Although the changes have been a lot for students, Chichon believes that Baldwin students are dealing with it well. 

“It has a huge impact on students, but they are very resilient with going home and going back to school,” Chichon said.  

To get better at time management, Chichon and Stiver both agree that students need to set boundaries and figure out what works best for them. Senior CJ Lucas has learned how to juggle going to school, work, and being social by doing just that. 

“I do all my school work in school and at night, but otherwise, I still go out and have fun. I have learned how to keep everything balanced,” Lucas said. 

Time management overall is a difficult skill to master but with dedication and organization, students can master this skill.