What to Binge Watch: Sound of Your Heart offers sitcom laughs


The Sound of Your Heart follows the crazy adventures of a family.

Sajan Dangal

The Sound of Your Heart is a comedy drama that follows the life of cartoonist Lee Kwang Soo, his family, and his girlfriend — and the absurd situations they find themselves in.

The Sound of Your Heart has the feel of a sitcom that features the episodic adventures of a family. The series is hilarious even in its serious moments. Much of the comedy is blown out of proportion, but if the style is to your liking, this show completely nails it.

It also parodies a lot of popular K-dramas as well as classic tropes throughout the series, such as how there are always handsome people in typical K-dramas and the good looking main character is portrayed as someone who is really good at a lot of things. That isn’t the case in this series.

The family gets into all kinds of crazy situations and the show would be able to run just fine with them only, that’s how good they are .

Every person in the family in The Sound of Your Heart is perfect in their roles, though sadly the show only has one season on Netflix. Although they made a reboot, it just doesn’t live up to its original and is not worth watching, since it drastically changes what makes the original show good.  

The Sound of Your Heart is a comedy drama with a simple plot, but it’s perfect. It’s fun and ridiculous in the best way possible.